Meet The Team

Esta - Youth Programme Co-ordinator

Esta has been co-ordinating the youth team for over four years and has a wealth of experience in multi-agency work. She is passionate about making sure that young people have the best opportunities to succeed in life. Esta leads on safeguarding and child protection. She is the first contact for all new referrals.

Tim – Education and Training Manager

Tim is a qualified teacher and leads the education element of the youth team’s provision. With over 16 years of experience in the education sector, Tim is proud to be part of the team at YMCA South Devon. His philosophy is defined by building relationships with young people to enable them to succeed.

Becky - Youth Worker

Becky has been part of the YMCA family for over 10 years and brings a wealth of experience to the role. She is an attachment and trauma lead, and has worked extensively with young people making the transition to post-16 services, apprenticeships, work placements, etc. Becky is also C-Card trained.

Jasmine - Youth Worker

Jasmine is an experienced youth worker and also holds a teaching qualification. She is an attachment and trauma lead as well as a mental health first aider. She provides tuition and has used play therapy to great effect with some of our younger children. Jasmine is part of a new venture to provide outreach work in collaboration with other youth services.

Josie - Youth Worker

Josie came to work for the youth team after completing her degree and has gone from strength-to-strength. During her studies, Josie worked as a volunteer and the young people took an immediate liking to her calm and creative approach. She is a specialist in child development and education and uses this training to help young people to deal with challenges in their lives.

Kate - Youth Worker

Kate has been part of the youth team for over 10 years and brings a wealth of experience in education support. She has worked with all age-ranges and often supports youngsters with their academic provision by providing in-school support.

Tony - Youth Worker

Tony brings an abundance of experience to the role and is qualified to lead a range of outdoor activities. He loves being active and often takes young people on expeditions to the moors. Tony has taught young people to swim and utilises the bike trails at Haldon. With over 20 years of experience in the probation service, Tony is well-versed in delivering sessions to help to reduce risk taking behaviours.

Carly - Youth Worker

Carly is a new addition to the team and has had a massive impact. She brings a background in education support at both primary and secondary to the team and has already proven that she has the right stuff to make a huge difference to the lives of our young people. Carly has worked as 1:1 support in class and delivering personalised learning for older teens.

Gloria - Youth Worker

Gloria is also new to the team and brings a wealth of experience to the YMCA family. She has worked in the NHS with the special care children’s ward and maternity team, as well as supporting young parents. She has run her own community nursery and completed family and child-centred work with Sure Start. Her interests include aquafit, swimming, Pilates, and crafts activities.

Yannis - Youth Worker

Yannis is a highly creative and artistic youth worker. He has vast experience of working with community groups and running community-based projects. He is a particularly gifted graffiti artist and runs regular workshops. Yannis is also branching out into outreach work alongside other youth provisions.